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Our goal is to encourage 30-40-year-olds to travel with their pets as companions. We want you to feel like you’re part of a community of pet-lovers, and give you confidence to explore new cities without leaving your pets behind. Travelling with your pet can give a unique perspective on a place, and we want you to find the hidden gems of trails and parks that will reward you for bringing your dog along with you on your trip. Instead of being a punishing inconvenience, travelling with a furry companion will be a pleasure.
We provide content that will explain how you would drive or fly with your pet, where you could stay while on vacation, and what activities you could find to do in Seattle. We connect you to this sort of useful information about local services, and assist you with pointers on how to travel successfully. We source this content from local businesses and travel advisory websites, curating a collection of information that will be exceptionally useful to you!


We are Project Group 3 (30-50 no kids) and we have the following roles to play in our group project –

Account Director – Molly Ostheller

Project Manager – Domonique Meeks

Developer – Prangya Sahu

User Experience Designer – Atinderpal Saini

Information Architect – Bibin George Varghese

We all have shared testing responsibility

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